What are some of the new features in Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007?

Outlook Web Access has been completely rewritten for Exchange Server 2007. Some of the new features include:

Mailbox enhancements

  • New email appears automatically without having to refresh the inbox.
  • The unread mail count is automatically update a new message arrives.
  • Single or multiple messages can be dragged and dropped into mail folders.
  • The right-click context menu includes options to mark mail items as read/unread, rename mailbox folders, and create new folders.
  • An automatic quota alert has been added to observe mailbox quotas.
  • Administrators can create and maintain Managed Folders to observe corporate file retention policies.
  • Advanced sort options help users arrange mail items by date, from, to, conversation, etc.

New mail notification

  • The new message notification adds an alert to the OWA title area.
  • Different notifications for mail, voicemails, and faxes appear in the OWA title area.

Creating messages

  • Recipient auto-complete cache suggests recipient names while typing in the addressing fields.
  • An advanced formatting toolbar has been address to the create message form added.
  • The advanced spell check underlines misspelled words.
  • Set the priority, sensitivity and request read receipts on messages using the Options dialogue in a new message.
  • Add compliance labels to the message using Administrator set message classification.

Address book

  • Search and browse the Global Address List and Personal Contacts in the address book.
  • Create new contact folders from within the address book.
  • Filter entries based on all, people or distribution lists.

WebReady Document Viewing

  • Read Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe PDF documents without the need for the applications.
  • View a safe HTML version of supported WebReady Document Viewing files. Use the "Open as web Page" link next to the attachment name to access the content.

Message flagging

  • Flag messages and set due dates using the flag icon to the right of the message title.
  • Color-code messages, appointments and tasks using the color-coded categories feature.
  • See all flagged items in the "Flagged items and Tasks" folder.
  • Set reminders for flagged items and tasks from the "Flagged items and Tasks" folder or using the "Set date and reminder" option from the right-click menu.

Integrated Mailbox Search

  • Users can search for mail items based on categories.
  • Users can access the search bar throughout OWA using words, searching by sender or by category.


  • Integration of date based navigation.
  • Organize appoints using the colored free busy indicators.
  • Use daily, weekly, work week and monthly calendar views.
  • Create a new calendar function from within the calendar folder.
  • Quickly find the most suitable appointment time using the smart scheduling feature.
  • Using the scheduling assistant shows all attendee's availability.
  • Use the meeting suggestions area to see a range of suggested dates and times depending on attendee availability.
  • Drag and drop appointments to move them around the calendar.

Documents module

  • Access documents stored on files shares and SharePoint document libraries using the Documents shortcut.
  • Add shares to the favorites list making them instantly accessible.

Out of Office Assistant

  • Schedule specific out of office times by configuring start and end times.
  • The Out of Office Assistant reminds users that the notification is enabled when they login to OWA
  • Create separate out of office responses for internal and external senders.

Unified Messaging

  • Set alternate greeting during business hours and after hours.
  • Users can configure if they want to receive missed call notifications in the Inbox.
  • Reset the voice mail pin from the OWA Options page.

Mobile Devices

  • View last the last time the device was synchronized.
  • Perform a remote data wipe to protect corporate data if the mobile device is lost or stolen.

To visually see a demonstration of all these features and more, refer to Microsoft's Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007 Feature.

Use Ctrl+Shift+R to "Reply all" to the selected message.


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